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UNLIMITED WIreless Internet USA, Canada, Mexico

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UNLIMITED WIreless Internet USA, Canada, Mexico

Postby MarkosJal » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:47 pm

We now offer UNLIMITED wireless Internet that works in USA, Canada, and Mexico. It connects locally to the Telcel 4G/4Glte network and has delivered up to 50 Mbps right here in the bay!

If you can get a Telcel signal there this will work there.

You can also use it in USA or Canada too.

What is it?
It is a SIM card that you can place in any UNLOCKED 4G/4G LTE cell phone , or we can sell you a dedicated modem/router.

This SIM gives you a USA IP address while using it in Mexico, so Netflix, pandora and the like all work like you are in the USA.

SIM card inludes a USA number and unlimited calling to USA, Canada and Mexico (voice compatible phone or modem/router required).

If you need Internet in a rural area or even on a boat this ius a viable solution. Because you can locate the device where it gets the best signal it will even work where there is a very weak signal. You can often get internet even where your cell phone will not.

It is HIGHLY PORTABLE EVEN WHEN INSTALLED IN MODEM/ROUTER. Moves easily from a rural location to a boat for instance.

Monthly cost:
$79.99 US Dollars

one time activation fee $150 USD

we will waive the activation fee with router purchase below until Mar 24 2017

Wifi Router for "modem/router only" $200 USD -

Wifi Mode/Router for Modem and Voice functions (connect a corded or cordless phone)
$250 USD (Pre-order only at present)

We also offer LOCAL PV Fixed dialing phone numbers where there is no Telmex and no Izzy. These work with PBX systems or corded or cordless phones.

For more information

Mark de Leon
http://Teknogeekz.com - Always on the cutting edge!
1 503 489 7870 USA
(322) 184 7957 Puerto Vallarta Fixed number
(415) 123 2240 San Miguuel de Allende fixed number
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Re: UNLIMITED WIreless Internet USA, Canada, Mexico

Postby kcowan » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:22 am

So I might be a client.
I pay lots of money monthly:
389 p for hardline and internet (which is adequate for our use - 6 mo)
2x 500 p for cellular (6 mo)
C$40 for a Cdn hardline (12 mo)
C$60 for Cable internet (12 mo)
2xC$150 for cellular (6 mo)
Everywhere local phone numbers.
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