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Mark Zuckerberg next in line usa president

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Mark Zuckerberg next in line usa president

Postby danny » Sun Feb 05, 2017 11:51 am

When a public figure hires a prominent political campaign manager and announces plans to tour the country, one would assume that he plans to run for political office.

But what if that person is Mark Zuckerberg?

The Facebook CEO announced this week that he hired David Plouffe, who led Barack Obama's campaign, to lead policy and advocacy efforts in his philanthropic initiative. The signing of this high-profile politician came a few days after Zuckerberg announced his New Year's resolution: to meet people from all the states of the United States.

"After a tumultuous year, my hope for this challenge is to go out and talk to more people about how they live, work and think about the future," Zuckerberg wrote in a post, sounding curiously like a politician.

As if this were not enough, Facebook recently confirmed that Zuckerberg can serve indefinitely in the government while running the company provided he has sufficient stock. These would be clear signs that someone is preparing for a political campaign, according to Bradley Tusk, a regulatory affairs adviser for technology companies and former campaign director for Michael Bloomberg.

However, Tusk believes this is not Zuckerberg's case, as most of the public offices would be a setback for him. "It has so much power and influence, through its platform and its wealth, that there are really only a handful of jobs that may be worth your time," he said.

The brief list of tempting political posts, Tusk said, would include Senate Majority Leader, House Speaker and, of course, the President of the United States.

Zuckerberg will turn 36 by 2020, barely the age to serve legally as president. Aside from the question of age, Tusk wonders if the manager has "temperament and personality" to wage a successful presidential campaign.

Others who have worked closely with Zuckerberg agree that it is unlikely that he would venture into that world. "He's a relatively private individual and does not seek public adulation or attention the way a natural politician would," says Ezra Callahan, one of Facebook's first employees who worked there until 2010. "I would be surprised if the political world Attracted him at all. "

Beyond that, Callahan doubts that Zuckerberg is ready to put any public office on Facebook. "I think I would say it can have a much more positive impact on the world by focusing on your work on Facebook," says Callahan. "He deeply believes in the inherent goodness of the company's work."

Instead of leaning toward public office, Zuckerberg seems to be following the example of one of his childhood heroes, Bill Gates. Microsoft's founder has used his wealth for the public good while still working with Microsoft in various roles. "I like my current job at the foundation more than if I were president. Nor would I be good at what you have to do to be elected," Gates said in a Q & A session last year. That same explanation might well be offered by Zuckerberg.

The most likely political figure in Facebook's top ranks would be chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg. "My biggest fear in my last years in the company was that she decided to leave her to run for one of the California Senate seats," says Callahan. During the presidential race, it was rumored that Sandberg was on the list to serve in the cabinet of Hillary Clinton like Secretary of the Treasure. (With information of Expansión.mx)
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Re: Mark Zuckerberg next in line usa president

Postby danny » Sun Feb 05, 2017 11:56 am

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