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The tipping minefield that is PV.....

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The tipping minefield that is PV.....

Postby Deepwater » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:12 pm

Where to start? In fairness, I grew up in a country where tipping was and is virtually non existent as the staff wages were/are low but enough to live off so it's never been a normal thing to tip. But I've travelled, adapted and rarely grumbled about good service or bad and just gone with the tipping flow wherever and whatever that may be. I digress....last evening I took my partner and my visiting parents to a restaurant I'd not been to, doesn't matter which one or which price point or what we ate or drank for that matter. Being the drunken rants and politics section I may as well own up to drinking a bottle of red wine in conjunction with my father before moving onto a second bottle of the same stuff, cant remember what my partner had. I've gotten fairly good at multiplying my checks by 1.2, took some time, but within a reasonable range I'm ok at it. So I got a bit of a surprise when the waiter came back with the check to tell me that I hadn't left enough, I was disappointed in myself thinking my 1.2 routine had failed me. It hadn't, I was informed that the standard tip was 25% in this place. I laughed quite a bit, maybe shouldn't have, it seemed to upset the poor chap. I didn't ask to see the manager/owner, he wandered over to the table with the authority of...somebody with actual authority. He explained that the standard tip was 25% and the staff rely on it. I tried to explain that my understanding of tipping in the money sense was a discretionary action based on service given and thought 20% was acceptable. He disagreed. I couldn't really understand the situation, the waiter knocked over two water glasses, thought a bottle opener was some medieval device, managed to serve my partner a half portion despite her not requesting one (the other half ended up on the table with his rough manner), couldn't crack a smile, seemed to have bad flatulence yet I never complained and left a 20% tip in habit and I suppose a bit of compassion and the cheeky bast**d came looking for 25%. It's less hassle to just go buy good food and wine and cook it with friends round. (Or go to a place you know to be good, have to write that, there are very good places too) Off for a Pacifico, fingers sore from typing.
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Re: The tipping minefield that is PV.....

Postby waltandjean » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:47 pm

You really ought to name that piece of shit place. Inexcusable.
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Re: The tipping minefield that is PV.....

Postby pnlibby » Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:56 pm

I have a rule of thumb that I never have more than two drinks in one restaurant or bar unless I know and trust the owners. Even if you aren't the least bit drunk, staff see you as a target if they see you drinking more. I once got stuck paying for a strange tables' drinks because I had a tad too much myself. That was over 40 years ago...
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Re: The tipping minefield that is PV.....

Postby van2pv » Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:07 pm

I have had a similar experience where the waiter turned away from the table with the cash combined from a group of us wherein we had carefully discussed, agreed and calculated and counted the 1.2 tip. I know the money was in there. When he came back with the folder 10 seconds later, he declared we had short-changed him and the tip was too small, and was no longer 1.2 upon recount. To avoid embarrassment, many of the people at the table started throwing more money on the table. We complained to the management via trip advisor and the waiter was fired shortly thereafter. Apparently he had done similar things to other guests in this restaurant and also in previous restaurants where he also was fired. My experience with the "acceptable" tip amount is 15% and most places are very happy and gracious to get that added to the bill.
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Re: The tipping minefield that is PV.....

Postby fmr pnw » Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:19 pm

I guess this is terrible, but when we first moved here about 18 mo ago, I asked a few Mexicanos and gringos, and they all said, 10%, not 15. We don't eat at tourist-type places that much, though. 20% -- wow, those are notb percentages! Never heard of that here. (I probably tip that much or more at Mordidas, but that's different. Friends, ya know.....)

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Re: The tipping minefield that is PV.....

Postby waltandjean » Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:16 pm

Our standard tip is plus or minus 20% rounded up or down for convenience. The places we go are not generally tourist places but also not street taco joints. Being full timers the staff and owners know us and bend over backwards to see that all is well every time. Having been on the receiving end of tips for several different jobs I know full well that everyone in the place knows who the good tippers are and who the cheap SOB's are. The cheap ones still get good service as far as I can tell just maybe not that bend over backwards treatment. The waitstaff shares that with each other and even some of their regular customers.
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Re: The tipping minefield that is PV.....

Postby freeeye » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:12 pm

Well, it simply sounds like you went to the wrong place that night. Nobody I know treats customers that way.

Tips are a way of life here but I've not seen anyone force a tip from a customer. Being on the back end of the bar I see waitresses and waiters sometimes joking and even bitching about bad tips but the jokes are soon forgotten. And the waitress and bartender at my place (and at many other places) split the tips so the bartender never even sees individual tips and the waitress often does not either, if the bill is paid at the cash register or if she is busy.

The boss enforcing his arbitrary tip percentage is probably taking a cut from the waiters and was worried much more about his cut than about protecting his employees.

We do make mistakes and we are human so sometimes things do not go smoothly but the only times I see my staff react badly to a customer is when that customer is an asshole to them. And then I back them up. This situation is rare.

My advice would be to avoid that place you went to like the plague.

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