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What would you do?

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Re: What would you do?

Postby mizzoujack » Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:06 pm

As I posted early in this thread, honesty is the only policy in my book. I hate people who lie, cheat and steal. Some get it, some don't. I'm easily offended by so called friends who alter my words for the sake of sensationalism and to intentionally create ill will and controversy. It's a common journalistic tactic to create readership. It isn't journalism when one changes words, takes things out of context and even worse, tries to provoke and hurt supposed friends. That's why journalism and politicians are no longer trusted. It hurts when a friend always tries to provoke and intentionally chooses words that hurt people, not just me. Guess I live in the wrong state. I wonder how Claudia and Maureen feel. She's smart by buttoning her lip, it's not worth it in a no-win environment that professes hnorable journalism and truth, honesty and NO censorship. I don't understand people who intentionally try to offend people. BTW. Claudia does read this board, IMO.

Sorry for the rant, amigos. But the issue is exactly the answer I offered, then Rabi said the same thing. Get out your wallet and do he honorable thing, Ron. Truth is always the right thing to do, and treat good friends without intentionally trying to antagonize and hurt people on purpose, what possible motive is accomplished other than distancing long frinedship. We all embellish occasionally, but not normally to hurt people with incorerct facts, quotes and lack of honesty.

Some people will never accept that they might just be wrong, unfortunately :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
Still friends, but it may not be reciprocal after this post :(
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Re: What would you do?

Postby chico98 » Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:35 pm

the polite way is go to them and explained what happened
be ready for the consequent like pay for any damage
maybe there is no damage great
to have a bad feeling upon neighbors not good
we all at least say hi in a good gesture
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Re: What would you do?

Postby Crazi » Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:49 pm

My turn....

Ron, I agree with everyone. What the hell were you doing leaving a 2 year old unattended anywhere, let alone beside a road? Hit your knees and give thanks that you're not planning a funeral. All it takes is a second.

I'm not even going to mention if you should pay or not. You know the right thing to do.

My question is about after the fact. So you come back outside to find her filling the car with water. What did you do? Did you give her shit (2yr old appropriate of course) or were you laughing while you shut off the water? So let me quess... you walked up, took the hose away and then.... did she put the gas cap back on or was that you? As someone who seems as well versed in the law as you do, you know that makes you an accomplice right? So again, were you laughing or scolding her while you brought her back in the house? The reason I ask? If Grampa was laughing while this was going on, I can't wait until she tries to make you happy like that again :D Only this time it'll be your car... or her parents... or perhaps one of your friends.

I'd actually like to see a video of her opening the gas cap too. A 4L juice container is nothing compared to a gas cap.

What happens to a motor when the gas supply is compromised with water? I'm not a mechanic in any sense of the word (sparkplug gapping aside) so this is a legit question. Would the motor be running along and then suddenly quit? Like on the TransCanada highway at 120 kms where there is a real danger of being hurt or killed if your car suddenly dies and causes an accident? Would the motor just not start later when the water gets mixed in? Like late one night when your teenager is using it because she has to work late and now she's stranded at 11pm at night? I know I have a crazi way of thinking but.... I couldn't live with myself if I killed/hurt someone because I was to ... chicken? to 'fess up when I, or someone in my care, royally "f" 'd up. Another way of thinking I have is to flip it.... what if it was your daughter's car that was violated with no confession. She loads her children in one day for a trip to the mall and boom! she's suddenly the epicenter of a 12 car pileup? Or she just goes to start it one day and it won't. Then she finds out it'll cost her several thousand dollars to fix it. Do you have 3-4 grand lying around to help her out, Ron?

I know... I'm just crazi :) I'm going to shut up and go back to hibernating 8) See you all around the end of Oct!
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Re: What would you do?

Postby yasky » Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:10 pm

He's a Harper worshiper. It's the other guys fault.
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Re: What would you do?

Postby Macuardo » Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:44 pm

crazi: you ARE a sparkplug!! 8) 8)

Ronald: tsk, tsk, tsk!! :shock:
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Re: What would you do?

Postby Ronald » Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:25 pm

This post was a test on whether each of those who responded actually read the two posts I made here, and how much of it they understood. Read them both again... and then decide if your responses made any sense. According to my story I found out about it 'when I got home'. I also said in post # 2 that 'the car had just been filled' and that 'nobody ... remain mad at a two year old. Nobody asked how I knew the car had just been filled and that nobody was mad.
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Re: What would you do?

Postby GeckoS » Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:34 pm

Your posts were a test of whether you are a major bullshitter. Guess what? You passed.
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