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Purchases from US to Mexico

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Purchases from US to Mexico

Postby kenbuysit » Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:25 pm

I have recently discovered that Amazon.com has an "international fulfillment center" that collects the 16% Mexican customs duties when you pay for your item. Shipping is not usually that prohibitive. Don't order from Amazon if they don't collect the duty as it will sit in customs for 4 weeks+. We have actually gotten electronics within a week. When you prepay the customs, it bypasses customs and comes direct to you.

Not every item will go through their "center". You will probably have to check out several retailers that will ship to Mexico.

To date I have ordered about 10 packages without problem. It is certainly cheaper than the airline luggage fees and not much more than Sales Tax in the US.

I use MailBoxes as my address for delivery as I may not be home on the date. Most of the the time it has "tracking" so you will know when to pick it up. I make sure that mail boxes knows to to expect/accept the items.

I am VERY pleased.
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Re: Purchases from US to Mexico

Postby dlockesf » Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:38 pm

Have you tried Amazon.com.mx? Lots of products are already in Mexico. If it doesn't say "importacion" it's probably in Mexico. We got a TV and a vacuum cleaner through them.
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