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May 11 - Up The River

A casual Meet and Greet for Expats, Nationals and Visitors. Everyone welcome. Happy hour prices...

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May 11 - Up The River

Postby freeeye » Mon May 08, 2017 10:50 am

On Thursday, May 11, from 6 pm to whenever, the VallartaScene Forum meetup is at Cafe Mordida.

If you haven't been to Cafe Mordida, it fronts the Rio Cuale outside of the normal Vallarta tourist zone on the old cobblestone road to Guadalajara. The colonia, Buenos Aires, is a working class/family neighborhood, much different than anything in the tourist zones. The view from the Mordidas balcony is entertaining.

No purchase is necessary to attend the meetup and everyone is welcome. If you are new to town or just visiting, this is a good way to meet a few of the stranger locals.

NOTE: For the rest of the summer, the meetups will be at Langostino's and Mordidas on alternate Thursdays, at 6 pm.

At this meetup we offer an optional 99 pesos All-You-Can Eat Buffet.
(We are raising the price of the buffet 10 pesos with this meetup. Sorry, but expenses are increasing.)

99 Peso All-You-Can-Eat Buffet:
- MeatLoaf
- Twice Baked Mashed Potatoes
- Veggie
- Dessert
This meal is all-you-can-eat for as long as the food lasts. No takeouts or dogie bags, please.

Drinks are at our normal lower than anywhere else prices: 20 peso Beer (Corona /Pacifico /Victoria /Corona & Pacifico Lite) and 25 peso well drinks. Top shelf booze is also cheaper than anywhere else in town. Margaritas are 35 pesos (made with fresh-squeezed limes and real tequila). Sangria is 55 pesos, wine is 50/glass or 200/bottle and Killer Martinis by Malejandro are 50 pesos.

We are easily accessed by walking, bus, car or taxi. The blue and white Paso Ancho R-04 bus stops virtually at our front door (the last one runs back to town at about 9:30 pm) and we can call a safe taxi for anyone who needs one. Parking is a tad limited but doable. By foot we are an easy 40 minute walk from Los Muertos Beach or Centro (with no hills to climb).

The meetups have a very casual, relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Many locals attend and this is a perfect opportunity for travelers to interact with locals in a non-commercial venue. At this time of year, the meetups are not crowded.


Manantial 375A (upstairs, behind the green gate), Colonia Buenos Aires, East Vallarta.

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