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Guatemala City

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Guatemala City

Postby rafter » Fri May 13, 2016 10:03 am

This is more of a question. I went to the airport to see how much round trip tickets would cost to Guat City. They told me around $1,000 US. So I went to the website and found prices at about $350. I went to the AeroMesico website but the tickets seemed to go through Expedia. Does this sound right? Could there really be that much of a difference? Are there problems buying tickets through the website? Thanx.
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Re: Guatemala City

Postby T and A » Fri May 13, 2016 10:32 pm

Hola - I assume you are in Mexico, hopefully in PV. Your computer might automatically bump you to Aeromexico US website, especially when you enter your credit card to pay. I don't know about Expedia - I never book thru Expedia, just use it to look for prices. If you have a MX credit card, this may not happen. BUT it might. I have found that you can book online thru US sites at US $, but not MX pesos. For some reason, I am always bumped to a US site for Aeromexico. Convenient, but not necessarily the best deal. My advice is to visit Astrid at Superior Tours. We have used her services for a number of years to book flights thru CD MX to US and other locations. Always efficient, no problems. There are some VERY good prices from CD MX to all kinds of places in Central and S America - and you need to take advantage of them. Good luck.
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